Strike-Point manufactured by Industrial Control Systems Limited is a continuous linear contact designed for use in standalone or proprietary systems where activation of a switch is required over a continuous length, suitable for use in high risk areas such as Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations, Prisons and Government Offices as an affray / panic switch.

Designed for ease and reliability of use in an emergency with a large strike and contact area, Strike Point provides reassurance to individuals on the status of the alarm by illuminating the entire length of the switch, text and graphic can be added to provide further information if required.

Installation of Strike Point could not be easier simply tailor to suit particular site conditions by cutting to length and terminate using the range of propose pre-wired fittings. No special tools are required during the installation yet Strike Point is robust and difficult to vandalise.


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System Repair

We are able to carry out an in-depth repair service and resolve current call / affray / alarm / access control faults


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