Strike Point OEM Switch & Base

Strike point been designed as a flexible switching device for use in domestic and commercial applications. It can be operated over its entire length so is ideal for situations where it is advantageous to have a long, continuous signaling switch. Strike point can incorporate LEDs, for user indication, of the system activation and status providing up to 6 watt/m of illumination, make the strip easy to locate in poorly light area and light failure

X100 is the OEM solution for installer purchased by the meter, simply calculate the total length require and the style and you can quote the job in minutes

Option available

  • Base Finish Natural and Bright grey finish
  • Insert Colour Red, Blue, Green and customer colours
  • Hygiene standard or antibacterial
  • LED Reassurance indiction
  • Medical protection Standard and anti-bacterial


Addition equipment

  • X30 Endcaps
  • X11 12 backplate extending pins
  • Optional engraved text.

Product part X11 100 Category Tag

£69.00£86.75 ex VAT